Connect Consulting is a company that acts as a local representative for international companies involved in the construction of roads, airports, hospitals, buildings, berth’s water dams and any other similar investment projects in Africa.

    Connect provides vital links to the Government and other key stakeholders needed to facilitate your business needs to ensure successful implementation and commissioning of your projects.


    • Vision: To be Africa’s Convergence Point for all construction business and all related services.
    • Mission: To bridge the gap between international construction companies and construction opportunities in Africa.
    • Slogan: Redefining construction business in Africa
    • Our Promise: With our wealth of experience and connections, we promise to be your ground-zero business development team, doing all the ground work for your business.

    Our Core Values


    We connect Africa’s construction opportunities to developers from the rest of the world.


    We operate within an organized framework of people, processes and purpose.


    We build and nurture relationships between businesses and countries.


    Connect Consulting is a necessity for any foreign company venturing into the construction business in Africa.


    We have the skills, abilities and capacity to handle construction liaison in Africa.


    We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs and expectations with excellence.


    We operate under the banner of integrity even when it is unpopular to do so.

    Joyce was great. She came well prepared and able to present her ideas in a compelling way.
    Jeremy A. Chartrand
    Senior engineer at B&G Corp.
    I was extremely pleased with the consultant provided. They brought the optimal mix of knowledge and real world experience
    Evelyn K. Parker
    CEO at Mashoe Corp.