Our Services

    1. Government Liaison

    Our main focus is to provide Government liaison where we are the central point of contact between Governments in Africa and international construction companies. We ensure Government projects and services are easily accessible to our stakeholders. Through this service, we provide a platform to:

    • Serve as a credible on the ground source of information about government projects.
    • Act as delivery agents for select government services.
    • Create platforms for feedback from stakeholders to government.
    • Provide coordination for collaborative initiatives between our stakeholders and the government.
    • Establish and maintain active two-way communications between the government and our clients to provide easier access to projects and services.

    2. Business Development

    We engage as your Local Business Development team on the ground, through Matchmaking construction business opportunities in Africa with potential suppliers from all over the world. This saves you the trouble of recruiting permanent teams as you venture into new markets.

    3. Trade Missions

    Organizing and promoting trade missions with an aim of enhancing international relations and diplomacy between institutions and governments is one of our key offerings. Our Trade Mission Services are designed to help companies explore trade and investment opportunities in African markets. Our trade missions serve as excellent door-openers that help firms establish strategic connections with local business communities and facilitate access to key economic decision-makers and senior government officials.

    – Establish successful Leads
    – Gain a deeper understanding of investment climates
    – Explore business opportunities in Africa’s most promising sectors
    – Discover new business partners during meetings with local business leaders
    – Meet and network with senior government officials in group and private meetings

    4. Helicopter services

    Connect Helicopter Service’s is the global leader in some of the world’s
    most promising and high-growth market segments. Using the largest global manufacturer in the medium/heavy and ultra-heavy rotorcraft segments, who own some of the world’s leading technologies and production facilities producing some of the most sought-after and record-breaking helicopters in the world such as:

    – Mi-8/17 — the most widely operated helicopter in history, produced
    in various different contemporary modifications;
    – Mi-26(T) — heaviest lifting helicopter capable of transporting up to
    20 tons of cargo;
    – Ка-32A11BC — multirole coaxial helicopter successfully employed
    in fire-fighting and search and rescue missions.

    5. Supply of personal protective equipment (PPE)

    Connect’s Protective Gear Offers Maximum Protection. Our inventory includes a wide collection of protective gear from safety vests for protecting your chest from a fall, ear plugs to block out loud noise, construction boots, hard hats to shield your head from falling objects an debris.

    Safety eyeglasses to protect your eyes from projectiles such as dust, metal, concrete, and wood, and radiation and limit their visits to the eye wash station and a respirator mask to prevent poisonous gas and many other threats. We also supply from other leading global Personal Protective Equipment brands.

    6. Provision of ground transportation

    Connect has partnered with Tanzania’s leading motor vehicle suppliers to provide our clients with top of the range vehicles. These include the latest models of Toyota, exclusive Range Rover, Land Rover and Ford to suit all modern corporate and private customers.

    Our Automobiles come with quality after sales service that provides specialized servicing and genuine parts to cover all of our clients motoring needs including a well maintained large inventory of genuine parts for all the models.

    7. PR Services

    A 360 approach on all PR campaigns leaving no stone untouched. We have a result oriented team that will make sure the objectives are met and the message reaches the last village.

    From tasks coordination, shaping the communication plan to managing message delivery, we make sure the goals are reached through optimizing both traditional channels as well as digital channels. Therefore, whether you wish to have just a press release or you need help to build your entire communication plan, our team is ready to help you get the job done.


    1. We are connected and that’s why we connect.
    2. We have a wealth of experience in liaison services.
    3. We have an eye for spotting development opportunities.
    4. We are passionate about what we do and are committed to excellence.
    5. We promote local content and cultural integration through local capacity building.
    6. We work with you to protect, promote and position your brand in the best light possible.
    7. We conform to international standards within our business operations for global reach and penetration.


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